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6. prosince 2018 v 10:55

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18. září 2017 v 8:53

Staying in touch... Family of friends... Connecting with my past... #Dharma&Greg

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29. června 2016 v 7:48

My fellow Magnolias... May we continue to blossom! A delight to bring the Steel of friendship to life on stage. #BCP

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8. června 2016 v 9:14

Out of my comfort zone eating out alone, met these lovely folks shared our stories and broadened our horizons #‎share‬

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6. června 2016 v 14:57

Smll moments of courage bring chang. Sounds silly, but have been to self conscious to eat alone ... Not bad! #Tryit

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2. června 2016 v 10:41

Wearing some of Martha´s Jewlry sent by Castle designer Luke. You never lose old characters they will always pop up!

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29. května 2016 v 17:59

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17. května 2016 v 9:21

As I watch the sunset on this magnificent city and the world of Castle. SAD, but I know the sun will rise tomorrow!

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22. března 2016 v 10:02

Castle family visit Jordan and family :)

17. března 2016 v 7:04

@MakeAWish visit with the beuatiful Jordan and family. Moved she wanted to be part of our @Castle_ABC family! #grace

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15. března 2016 v 11:59

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8. března 2016 v 7:54

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23. února 2016 v 14:46

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21. ledna 2016 v 7:11


21. listopadu 2015 v 23:59

Susan přidala novou fotku na svůj twitter jak posiluje

23. října 2015 v 10:59
Susan Sullivan (@realssullivan): Light lifting twice a week will strengthen your muscles and your brain...who doesn't need that. ‪#‎unsolicitiedadvice‬(October 22, 2015)

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9. října 2015 v 12:27

Susan Sullivan

24. srpna 2015 v 13:41

Susan Sullivan - Disney ABC Television Group's 2015 Summer TCA Press Tour (4.8.2015)

5. srpna 2015 v 11:47
ZDROJ: Castle

Susan Sullivan

27. července 2015 v 20:30