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15. března 2018 v 10:47 |  Stana Katic

Selfie with @brianbowensmith . Can't wait to share these snaps with you all! 📸

Bloomin' #AuNatural

Sending a big shoutout on #InternationalWomensDay to all ladies kicking arse & taking names as they run their own business! Major props to Sarah who owns one of the coolest Bar/Eateries in Los Angeles: #Westbound . And thanks @westbounddtla team for introducing me to the #MaryPickford 🍹, clearly it enlightened me. 🔥😜

Get ready, America! The students of Ardella B. Tibby Elementary School are a formidable bunch. Today I met the future Veterinarians, Singers, Comedians, Boxers, Nurses, Dancers, DJ's, Artists, and Pediatricians of this country. Thank you to all of the students for welcoming me into your classrooms. You are a gift! #ReadAcrossAmerica #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #DrSeussBirthday #DrSeuss

Alright, Canada, join us! New episode of #ABSENTIA on @showcasedotca tonight at 9pm. 🙂🤪 #Showcase #MakingThrillersIsComedy @snejanamakaveeva


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