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15. března 2018 v 10:39 |  Jon Huertas

How many people does it take to make a Miguel? #thisisus @dysonhair helped out a bit too.

Just stumbled on this place and I'm getting a pair of these fancy kicks!!!! @comunitymade is DOPE and they support local artists & give back in the community to support issues like homelessness and underserved schools - and a current friend of @kindtraveler - I'm getting a hand-painted masterpiece from local Angeleno @dela_art #everyonein @launitedway

Me after last night's @nbcthisisus ... Yeah, they got me good! #crying #bcuz of #thisisus

The peeps at @crockpot done hooked me up with a new cooker! Thanks Crock-Pot! #therealthing #thisisus

My buddy Bruno just pulled up to @clutch_venice for some brunch! This dude's always late!

Yo @emmdib Look what I just got in the mail...#ImaSeriousReaderFace‬ #picoftheday #thisisus

Tonight on #thisisus catch these three boys at the mall to see what the heck they're smiling about! On @nbc at 9/8c watch @nbcthisisus

I'm #disappointed right now! As a veteran, I'm still trying to believe in the heart of this country but we have a president that seems to want to turn it into a "Shithole"... it's time for a regime change! Before his horrible words turn into horrible actions. This November, vote, vote, vote! And I mean vote to get a congress that will keep #45 from destroying the fabric of decency this country had before Trump soiled the seat in which he now sits! #SilentNoMore #RegimeChange #TimesUp


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