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29. června 2016 v 7:48 |  Susan Sullivan

My fellow Magnolias... May we continue to blossom! A delight to bring the Steel of friendship to life on stage. #BCP

My love, my best friend and the one who is always there for me has arrived and we share the end of this journey #LV

Closing! Thanks to producers, cast, crew & interns of Steel Magnolias. Takes a family to bring theatre to you! #BCP

Memories of my father like an old typewriter has written it's story in my heart & made me the actor I am today #love

One last view of Bucks County, a rich theatre experience deeply enhanced by sharing it with you, my Twitter friends!

Back in N Y. Looking for direction,at loose ends, hoping the energy of the city will ignite my own! #stayinthegame

Some days you have to let your sadness over loss hold sway... #unsolicitedadvice

The fire of freedom burns strong only when we are willing to stand (or sit) firmly for what is right! #sitingunvote

In todays unsettled world we need to hold fast to our best instincts and not our fears! #unsolicitedadvice

All hail... Central Park NYC a guaranteed pick me up! Can't beat Mother Nature so join her. #unsolicitedadvice

Museum of Modern Art... Trying to understand how I fit in... Perhaps no need to know, just feel! #unsolicitedadvice


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