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1 Irais Irais | E-mail | Web | 1. května 2016 v 17:39 | Reagovat

That's the thinikng of a creative mind

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das stimmt und der mensch wendet es auch an ohne es zu wissen, aber man kann die fähigkeiten ja auch bewusst anwenden. vor allem wenn man von einer ungefähren standardsituation (wie z.b. beim fussball eine ecke ^^). ich bin mal gespannt auf die videos

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Ohhhh perhaps you’re the one who told me about them. I know I had heard about them for a while, but I couldn’t remember their name until I saw a news program on them.

8 | E-mail | Web | 20. září 2016 v 12:11 | Reagovat

Je ne fais que passer, mais je trouve que Ce jean Jacques Rousseau est vraiment un type cool. Martin, écoute les conseils de ton vieux copain du collège. Ben oui ! c’est moi ! Euh … Paul ! Ben oui, Paul ! Du collège. Au nom de l’amitié que tu as pour moi, je te demande de faire ta carricature de Mardi sur JJRousseau.Signé : Pierre, ton copain d’enfancePs : comment va ta mère ?

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I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I came across this during my hunt for something regarding this.

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Hello Ms.Angela Simmons,I would like to know who is your agent or how can I get in contact with you? I would like for you to make a guest appearance. Can you please contact me as soon as your schedule will allow you to.

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Amigo, si los lugares de tu gusto son los que frecuentan los narcos estas en el equivocado, de todas formas te invito a que amplies tus conocimientos y te tomes un buen cafe colombiano. Te recomiendo que tambien conozcas a los colombianos, que son personas maravillosas y te quites esos estigmas, eso solo te hace parecer un ignorante.

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est-ce que l’on pourrait s’interroger un jour, tranquillement, sur ce que donnera une société dans laquelle il n’y aura plus aucun repère ?

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e su @Nessuno: quoto entrambi, soprattutto:"Da parte mia sono contento, grazie a questa truffa, di aver conosciuto persone come Giancarlo, Camillo, Mhaler, Alessio,.."e"Una cosa cmq bisogna riconoscerti ed è la tua indipendenza: il blog poteva tirar su begli euruzzi e non l'hai fatto"

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I agree with Anon at 6:25 that pounding the Marxist ideologue usurping the presidency on his fraudulent papers and his NBC eligibility is the way to go. Hopefully he will be found not to be even an American citizen and criminally made himself one, which would then blow open this constitutional crisis so that the NBC issue can finally be addressed and resolved once and for all so that this shit never happens again.

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Dano...nesuhlasim s tym, ze takato aktivita nevedie k zmene. V niektorej diskusii bol spomenuty plagiatorsky skandal na Slovensku na Ekonomickej Univerzite. Dotycny clovek skolu musel opustit a viacerym zatrnulo, a da sa predpokladat, ze do buducnosti sa bude pocitat s alternativou, ze ak uz nie sankcie, tak clovek kopirujuci musi pocitat s hanbou.

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Rise and Shine Baboons!I’ve bartered many things–pet sitting with the neighbors, tarot card readings,  cataloging books for a friend for art studio time, babysitting back in the day–and on and on.  It is a great system that only breaks down if a barterer does not honor the barter in return.  There is just no collection system for non-payment of bartered items.Another new career path!

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Der Page Rank machts möglich. Hoffentlich haste ne Traffic Flat. Wenn mein Blog in ca. einen Monat an den Start geht werde ich wohl die ersten Beiträge auch mal mit den erwähnten Wörtern verzieren.

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Hallo Sanne,         jetzt ist alles da wo es hingehört, war bei einer Bekannten die auch Sims spielt, und sie hatin null komma nichts, alles in mein Spiel hingepackt.Nun kann ich endlich diverse Sachen ausschalten, die mich extrem nerven.Ich danke Dir das Du so schnell reagiert hast.

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